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Influencing factors of h-beam rental prices

h 型钢、工字钢、 z 型钢与 c 型钢,其中 h 型钢使用最为广泛,也是钢结构出租中使用量最大的,那么 h 型钢租赁价格 是怎么样的呢? Those engaged in building construction must be very familiar with steel structures. The commonly used steel structures can be roughly divided into four types, namely h- shaped steel, I- shaped steel , z- shaped steel and c- shaped steel. Among them, h- shaped steel is the most widely used. It is also the most used in steel structure rental, so what is the price of h- beam rental ? Here is a brief introduction for everyone.

的作用和使用环境 The role and use environment of h- shaped steel

可以根据 h 型钢使用的数量、质量以及服务要求有所区别, h 型钢作为一种新型的建筑用钢,经济实惠。 The rental price of h- beam can be different according to the quantity, quality and service requirements of h- beam. As a new type of construction steel, h- beam is economical and affordable. h 型钢的建筑结构能够减轻约 30%-40%The shape of the cross section is more reasonable, and the mechanical properties are better. During rolling, the extension of each point on the cross section is relatively uniform, and the internal stress is relatively small. Compared with ordinary I-shaped steel images, the modulus of the cross section is large and the weight is relatively compared Light, it is more economical to use the night market in the use of metal. In this case, the building structure using h- shaped steel can reduce about 30% -40% .

h 型钢的腿内与外侧是平行的,腿端也是直角,在拼装成相应的合成构件的时候,铆接的工作量只有原来铆接时的七成左右。 In addition , the inner and outer legs of the H- shaped steel are parallel, and the leg ends are also at right angles. When assembled into corresponding composite members, the workload of riveting is only about 70% of the original riveting. It is widely used in large building structures with relatively large bearing capacity or stable cross-section performance. For example, it is often used in the construction of high-rise buildings and factory buildings.

h- beam rental prices

的在四大常用钢结构中是性价比最高的,在需要使用h 型钢的时候,h 型钢出租方会根据承租方需要使用的 h 型钢的数量、材质和运输距离的远近,在 h 型钢租赁价格上有所不同。 The h- beam rental price is the most cost-effective among the four commonly used steel structures. When h- beam is required, the lessor of h- beam will use the amount, material and transportation distance of h- beam required by the lessee . H- beam rental prices vary.

也会根据承租方是否需要出租方进行铺设有所不同,如果需要出租方进行铺设,价格相对比无需出租方铺设价格会高上一点。 Similarly, the price will vary according to whether the lessee needs the lessor to lay. If the lessor needs to lay, the price will be a little higher than the price without the lessor.

的影响因素有所了解了呢? Through the above introduction, do you have any understanding of the influencing factors of h- beam rental prices ? 公司,进行协商沟通,从而拿到性价比最高的价格 。 In general, according to the specific conditions of the construction project, you can negotiate and communicate with the h- beam rental company to get the most cost-effective price .

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